About Us

By implementing our care programs in different disciplines, A & Z Home Health Care, Inc. meets the care needs of clients. We take care of elderly individuals, disabled clients and those who have recently been discharged from the hospital. For those who are going through recovery or therapy, we also provide assistance with activities of daily living. Successfully providing these services is a fulfillment of our commitment to better health for the community.

We pay attention to detail and we insist on quality. Our agency also survived the changing customer demands because of being open to suggestions. As much as possible, we let you become involved with the development and implementation of your care plan.

Because everything we do has to do with YOUR health, you have every right to take control. Walk better, eat healthier and rest easier. There's a more convenient lifestyle waiting for you where your health is a priority.

A & Z Home Health Care, Inc. encourages clients to avail of our no-obligation health needs assessment. Set an appointment now!

3043 Ridge Road, Suite 201
Lansing, Illinois 60438
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Phone: (708) 418-1608